Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Finished It

I have finished my Coastal Ripple Blanket and OMGosh I LOVE IT.

I loved everything about it from start to finish, the colours are sublime, the yarn (stylecraft special DK) was amazing to work with, the pattern was fabulously easy for a novice like me to understand, it was reasonably fast to work up, I could, once I got the stitches in my mind, work on it mindlessly while watching TV ... What's not to love.

Oh, it doesn't fit in with current decor ... I just might have to change the decor to suit the blanket!

I was going to sell my lovely blanket but despite several offers, I really cannot bear to part with it. Still up for hooking up another one though, and I have a few commissions to complete before Christmas, I think I'll be busy bunny :D



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