Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Another Nappy Cake

Surprise arrival this week, one of my colleagues at work, his wife had her baby six weeks early! mum and baby are fine but it meant I had to get a wiggle on with this order ...

I had great fun buying for this cake, I love babies, but baby girls are definitely my favourite, they have to be - all that PINK
and the back


56 x Newborn "Green" Nature Babycare Nappies
65 x rubber bands
7 x s/sleeve bodysuits

3 x l/sleeve tops

1 x dress and matching tights
2 x fancy tights
1 x jelly kitten bunny soother
1 x Johnson's bedtime bubble bath

2 metres pink satin ribbon
3 metres bride white satin ribbon

Got orders for another three, really enjoy making them - wish I could give up the day job and craft all day ...


Merry said...

This is so cute....

ceruleanblue said...

How delicious is that?! I want a baby girl too, just so I can have one of these, ha ha! And I agree about the day job :)

Aimes said...

OMG how scrumptious is this?!?! You're such a clever lady, Dawn! Wouldn't it be fab if we could have our hobby as our day jobs *sigh!*

Stephanie said...

This really is amazing - wish I'd received something like this when I has Jasmine! xxx

Need More Time to Craft said...

Ohh Dawn, this is just so sweet. Love the idea of using babygrows as well as the nappies.
Carole x

SundayL said...

Hi Dawn,
Lovely Nappy Cake!
Thanks for my birythday card... I posted it on my Birthday Post today!

Elizabeth said...

SOOOO sweet - what a great gift. Love it as the anything but a card entry!


How clever - and I love seeing all the kit you have in your office to make these things - must take up a lot of space !

Tracey said...

Dawn this is amazing. I think you should give up your day job.

Scrapcomber said...

What a beautiful idea, its amazing :)

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