Monday, 7 April 2014

My current project

My current crocheting project is growing very, very slowly. I'm managing 4-6 rows an evening, if I get a chance to pick up my hook at all.

I chose a granny stripe blanket after seeing it on Lucy's blog (Attic24) and instantly falling in love with it. I have to say, it is really Not my usual style at all, I don't do bright colours ... But after I saw Lucy's project look what I had to order ...

Oh my ... Just beautiful.

I was really not sure about using acrylic yarn (Stylecraft Special DK) as my previous projects had all been crocheted up using what I thought was a much better quality ( and a LOT more expensive!) but if it didn't say it on the label I wouldn't have known. Stylecraft yarn is wonderful to work with :). And the range of colours .... Wow!

I ordered Lucy's colour pack from Deramores.

I set about chosing my colour combination by laying all the balls on the floor, once I made up my mind I started hooking ... Chained 260 ...

I'm loving it, loving the colour/s

Be back soon with an update on my progress :0)



Bon said...

Great job Dawn, these blankets are great fun to make in winter in front of the telly, I made one that fits on a double bed one year. It just grew and grew, so rewarding and really wam and comfy as it gets bigger:)

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