Sunday, 7 October 2012

Wedding Scrapbook Pt 1.

I was approached by the Mother of Bride, a friend of mine, to create a 12x12 Wedding Scrapbook for her daughter.  I thought it would be easy, after all I make cards for other people all the time … ‘HA’ creating a heirloom keepsake is something completely different!

I started with the basic colours, taken from the colours the bridesmaids were wearing (blue and pink) and used green as an accent colour. To coordinate, I used these colours throughout.




098    014

I’ve left room on most pages for the bride and groom to add their own journalling.


025  101

Some pages took hours/days to put together, others like the one above came together in less than a hour, although all those flowers were a little fiddly.

To be continued ...


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