Monday, 2 January 2012

New Craft Room

A good while ago I said I’d post pictures of my craft room when it was finished ... well after a very busy Christmas break decorating ... its not 100% complete but its nearly there!


There really wasn’t much wrong with my room before but it was very dark and I had some serious lighting issues out of daylight hours.

001 003

                006 010

So Christmas Eve, we started stripping ... wallpaper


We took the walls back as far as we could, but they were still in terrible condition so we had to re-paper.  Hubby (Mick) did almost all the work ...



Re-papering and painting




With the new furniture built and a few items put back on the wall

              014 015               016 020


              024 023               022 025

The room is so much lighter now and once I get used to the space and move the rest of my stash in (I can’t wait to get organised) I know it will be even more functional than it was before.  We’ve still got some work to do, Mick is going to attach a small shelf going all the way round the room, then build me a new ink storage unit and I’m hoping a ribbon and button one too – then we replace the Ikea 4x4 unit for an Ikea 5x5.

What a fantastic Christmas Present!!!


Clair Matthews said...

Oooh..It looks great Dawn. I'm sure you'll spend many happy hours in there xxx

Katie Berberich Handmade said...

Wow, you lucky girl you -it looks amazing. One great pressie indeed.
All the best for 2012.
Katie x

Crafty Little Becca said...

It looks fantastic. I'm sooo jealous of your work space. Got my dad on the case for building the ink pad storage, knew if I waited for my husband it would take forever!!!!

Robin said...

Fab!! Enjoy your new room!

Melaskew said...

Lucky you my room needs decorating too

Linny said...

Wow this looks fab Dawn. Linda x

Stephanie said...

You are indeed a very lucky lady, I can only dream of having a craft room all to myself, let alone one all sparkly & new & gorgeous! Although, thinking about it, I don't think I have enough supplies these days to fill a whole room lol Enjoy - you deserve it Dawn :D xxx p.s. love you Xmas cards below!

Tina Faghy said...

Its looking great Dawn! You'll love the organising bit. I still cant resist moving stuff around in mine just for the fun of it!

Unknown said...

I was lucky enough to be in here!! It is even more gorgeous in real life!

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