Saturday, 3 December 2011

My new hobby

The reason I’m not paper-crafting as much, and rarely posting now … I even struggle to keep up with the blog hopping I used to do (for hours on end)


That although it doesn’t look like it was my second attempt at crocheting (btw its a scarf, but doesn’t it look pretty all rolled up like that)

008 009

I can make one of these babies up now in 2/3 evenings.





I’ve just learnt how to make flowers! I love the flowers – and so simple ...


In between those (and there have been a few more scarves in other colours) I’m crocheting a Babette blanket, which is 100s of granny squares in varying sizes.

I got the inspiration to give crocheting a go from KatieJane (Am I a dreamer), just seeing and reading about her creations and how quickly they were appearing on her blog – I just had to give it a go!

I really can’t tell you how rewarding it is to see something grow so quickly and to know you’ve created it – If you haven’t yet discovered crochet and fancy giving it a go, you only need to start with one hook and a ball of wool. There are loads of tutorials online, but I’d recommend Crochet Geek, her tutorials are amazingly easy to follow.


Jen Adcock said...

I am loving your new hobby. These are fantastic! Clever you. I tried this once and it was just shy of an epic fail. LOL I just think these are wonderful for dressing the tree. How novel and totally sweet.

Katie Berberich Handmade said...

one word WOW! Check you out, isn't it unbelievably addictive? Your scarves are beautiful, you must tell me where I can find that pattern, it's beautiful! I'd also love to venture onto a blanket, I just need to get over my love of scarves first (if that'll every happen)!
Thanks so much for the mention, I'm so glad I inspired you. It's miraculous what you can create with a hook isn't it? I'm working on yet another scarf :) Happy Days.
Really well done, can't wait to see more.
Katie x

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