Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Old and New.

Well not quite so old ... hubby and I celebrated our wedding anniversary this week. I managed a few minutes, literally a few minutes in the craft room alone and created this card for him.


It turned out totally different to how I envisaged it because he kept coming in while I was trying to make it – he was supposed to be out working according to the calendar!!!  I was having to keep hiding it and the components with each of his visits every 5-10 minutes.  In the end it turned out a much simpler card than I wanted to make him.  Its the thought that counts ...


And the new:


Another nappy cake, I really love making these, I especially love how this one turned out, despite rolling 3 lots of nappies (that’s approx 192 nappies!) – Why has pampers changed the colour of most of their nappies to aqua?  I eventually found WHITE nappies – they’re becoming a rare commodity – I recommend Pampers Simply Dry to anyone else in the UK who has encountered the same problem. 


More cards to come later in the week


Vicki said...

Oh wow Dawn, the nappy cake is fab! I can't believe how many nappies is in it, it must be

Vicki x

cardsandacuppa said...

What a stunning nappy cake! I love it :-) Hope you are well,
Hugs xx

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